The Next Step in
Human Connection.

Meet the most advanced dating platform on the market. Technology has evolved. It’s time our relationships evolve with it. 

Welcome to
Data Driven Dating.

a-love is a next-generation matching platform that utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to transform how people find each other, fall in love, and grow in their relationships.

Real Solutions for Real Relationships

Machine Learning

algorithms evolve based on users’ experiences.

AI-Dating Coach

guides the user journey and encourages engagement.

Customized Content

delivered to help users discover who they are, and what they’re looking for.

Decades of Research

using psychometric data & relationship science identify the user’s mindset.

Data Privacy

ethical data usage protects all users’ personal data.

We’re Not Here to Change Dating.
We’re Here to Change the World.

For decades, the way that people meet, date and connect has stayed virtually the same. That ends now.

a-love’s visionary team collected multitudes of relationship data, analyzed widely accepted psychological research, scoured the market to understand the breaks and needs in current matching solutions and applied all of these findings to the latest machine learning and algorithmic technologies — to create a matching solution unlike any before it.

This next-generation tech — with tens of thousands of users and countless connections made already — is available now.

Ready to Change the World?